Let’s do this.

Let’s do this.

Now more than ever, we need to seek out guidance from the wisest parts of ourselves and find tangible ways to put that guidance into action.

Intuitive Strategy is about the partnership between our intuition – the deeper but often quiet part of ourselves that knows exactly what we need – and our ability to put that inner knowing into practice.

Intuitive Strategy sessions help you:

  • Gain insight into the most confusing, painful, or frustratingly tangled areas of your life.
  • Shift the ways that you’ve been thinking about these challenges.
  • Access tools, resources, and exercises that propel you forward in an empowered and joyful way.

I have designed Intuitive Strategy sessions to help develop your own relationship to your intuition, not to tell you who you are or what you “should” do. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients – from all walks of life, from New York to California – and one thing I know for sure: YOU are your own highest and best authority; no one knows you better than you do. The answers to your deepest questions already exist within you. I simply act as a guide, mentor, advisor, and coach to help draw those answers out.

One of my clients calls me her “spirit boss” – an ally who combines inspirational guidance with managerial pragmatism. It isn’t always easy to remember to listen before we act, to be still before we dive in, to rejuvenate before we step out. Sometimes we need help and support as we engage in the hard and courageous work of being consciously alive.

I’m here to help.