Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session?

Every session is different and tailored to the immediate needs of each client. But Intuitive Strategy sessions usually begin with an intuitive reading, a process that clients have described as “mythic storytelling, rich in symbolism and full of insight.”  Carl Jung said that “image is the language of the soul,” so the symbols that emerge during these readings help us to go more deeply into your questions and into the wisdom of your inner guidance. We then spend time on the “strategy” part of the session – gathering specific tools, resources, questions, or exercises that will help you put the insights from your reading into action. We end by defining a touchstone to help you maintain and deepen a connection to your inner guidance.

Do I need to prepare anything or bring anything to a session?

Feel free to jot down questions or topics that you want to be sure to address and bring those with you to the session. You may also want to bring a notebook or other note-taking device. I also welcome recording devices (or smart phones with recording apps) so that you can capture the session for future reference.

How much does a session cost?

For the past 15 years my rate has remained the same: a sliding scale of $75 – $125 per sixty-minute session. If that rate is a hardship for you, I also offer a limited number of “pay what you can” slots each month. You’re also welcome to pay more than the sliding scale if you’re so inclined. I accept payment by cash, check, or credit card.

Do you offer phone sessions?

Yes! I work with clients across the country and love to connect with them by phone or Skype.

Do you offer other services besides Intuitive Strategy sessions?

All of my work includes Intuitive Strategy, but I often tailor sessions and consulting services to the unique needs of my clients and their life/business circumstances. For example, I also offer:

  • Follow-ups: Further sessions to clarify and take action on the insights gained from your initial session.
  • Personal Development: Life/career coaching with a holistic approach.
  • Business Consulting: Management coaching and leadership development; performance/ career coaching for employees; development of bespoke content marketing/ creative services workgroups.
  • Workshops and Retreats: Join my mailing list to receive information about upcoming events.
  • Mentorships: Customized intuitive development training.
  • Intuitive Reading Gatherings: An afternoon or evening of individual, private thirty-minute readings for a small group of friends in your home. Contact me for details.