“Kim Steffens masterfully combines her rare intuitive gifts with a down to earth style that allows her to both connect with and challenge her clients. In my very first session with her, she ignited the spark of an idea that ultimately led me to change the course of my life. Kim has integrity, she has compassion, she is a wealth of resources – and best of all, she gets people. I highly recommend Kim.”
-Jennifer Verharen, Vashon Island, WA
business/performance coach and owner,
Cadence, Inc.

“If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the fears and trepidation that come with change, you should reach out to Kim. She patiently guides and inspires you to discover what it is you really want, motivates you to find your power and passion, and helps pull together a plan of action that is practical yet transformational. She motivated me so much that I spent five months taking a life coaching certificate program. And then the TEFL training. And now, a year in Africa – my dream come true. She’s a wonderful, intuitive, and joyful coach and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
-Tena West, Seattle

“Kim is truly a catalyst for transformation. Working with her has helped me gain the clarity to set off on a completely new path. Her work is both supportive and empowering. She listens deeply for what is essential and helps me access my own wisdom. She encourages me to listen for the voice of my heart and to be my authentic self.”
– R.L., New York

“A session with Kim is like a cross between visiting an intuitive and a business coach. The first part is spent with her tapping into the images and ideas that she picks up from your energy (which, by the way, were impressively on point) but then she applies all of those insights to the life coaching she provides. It’s the perfect balance of spiritual and practical guidance. What more can you ask for from a business called Intuitive Strategy? Kim has a warmth and playfulness about her that makes it easy to feel comfortable and relax into your time with her. And she also has a grounded quality that makes the spiritual side of her work seem much more meaningful and realistic than you might expect from an alternative practitioner. I highly recommend her!”
– Kira D., Seattle

“It has been years since I’ve seen Kim, but she remains incredibly important to my life. The issues that I struggled with could not be helped with any of the many resources I’d previously sought. I was depressed, anxious, and desperate at the beginning of our sessions and positive, inspired, and loving life at the end. The wisdom and tools Kim provides are permanent fixes and changed my entire perspective making it possible for me to pursue my dreams and enjoy life. I’m still in shock that she helped me with such grace and compassion, I struggled so hard previously. The impact that she made in my life has had a great ripple effect: I treat myself and others with much more care now, I can’t imagine what the entire impact on this world has been. I am grateful beyond my abilities to express.”
– Jill K., Seattle

“It is rare that we get the opportunity to say thank you to those who have been influential to us along the way, and meeting up today made me realize how much loving guidance you provided during a period of great transition and growth. Thank you for being a caring listener and holder of space – it was pivotal in the story of my life, and I wanted to share my appreciation! You are truly a gifted intuitionist (I’m not sure if that is a word, but it seems appropriate!).”
– W.L, Chicago

“Kimberly is truly unique. An amazing intuitive listener and a very powerful force, she has come into my life at the most needed times and cleared a path for me – helping me see what is next. She is a deeply loving teacher and a trusted ally. I cannot recommend her enough.”
– Sarah Rudinoff, Seattle
Performer/Art Maker and Realtor Extraordinaire

“Kim Steffens is a consummate coach and teacher, which makes her invaluable in any learning- or growth-oriented organization. Whether leading a small group of writers or a large team of creative talents, she is able to create an environment where people can use their natural skills and strengths to contribute and thrive in their careers. She is mindful, methodical, and always considering the big picture and long-term goals when making decisions. She uses her understanding of intrinsic motivations to create high-performing, high-morale, and fully empowered teams. She can also contribute to business planning strategy and can advise and review others’ plans. I feel honored to have gotten to work with Kim and learned much from her during that time. We should all be so lucky.”
– Anika Lehde, Seattle
Managing Partner, Yesler and Projectline Services

“Curious and driven, intuitive and an intentional listener, careful and efficient, Kim can help an organization articulate a direction and then initiate and see through the supportive structures and relationships needed to get there. As a manager, she is the backstop from which employees can thrive, mentoring them through decision making and realizing their aspirations, inside the organization or out. In a word, Kim is foundational to any team and organizational growth. I give my her my highest recommendation.”
-Helen Miller, Seattle
Senior Editorial Advisor, Yesler

“Kim has an incredibly diverse background, and an amazing ability to articulate from those experiences, and both of these inform and shape the perspectives she provides. She coaches with care and integrity not with clichés. It’s hard work, but having a coach of Kim’s caliber means that the process has been much more vibrant and productive than it would have been on my own. I recommend her with a whole heart.”
– Valerie M., Seattle

“When I began working with Kim, I was feeling out of touch with myself and my purpose. Kim has helped me tremendously in gaining what I feel to be a true sense of myself, of how I fit into the universe, and even better, of what I really want for myself in this life. She has an incredible and intuitive sense of people, and is a brilliant teacher and guide.”
– Jennifer V., Philadelphia, PA

“Kim sees the me that I’m afraid to see. She brings me out in a subtle, non-threatening manner.  She encourages me to take a look in the mirror to see the greatness that she sees, and then inspires me to take action. This is a pattern in our relationship. I’ve known Kim for nearly three decades and she has helped me empower myself in making life decisions every single time I’ve reached out to her. She is a master at intuitive inquiry which is combined with a keen sensitivity to what drives me as a unique individual. She has no template – one size does not fit all of her clients. Her gift of intuition is fueled by what her clients say and don’t say. She is my personal Spirit Boss. I encourage others to hire her as well.”
Sara McNamara, San Clemente, CA

“Kim is generous, insightful and genuine. She has a unique gift for challenging you to look at yourself honestly, to acknowledge and respect your instincts, and to take on challenges you may have never thought possible. Working with Kim can’t help but lead to tremendous learning and growth. You will emerge forever changed.”
– Nan M., Washington, DC

“Kim’s loving manner and insight are matched only by her genuine interest in and concern for her clients. My sessions with her are always a joy and have always preceded an unmistakable step in the right direction for me. Kim has helped me deeply connect with who I am fundamentally, an invaluable gift that has brought clarity, comfort, strength, inspiration, and growth in times of trial and triumph alike. I recommend her all the time to friends who are trying to find their path.”
– Stephanie D., Chicago

“Kim’s style is exactly what I’ve been looking for: wise, philosophical, deep, down to earth and funny. She is clearly a teacher on the path of my opening up to my essential self.”
– Sheila B., Seattle

“Kim helped me in practical and powerful ways to achieve my goals and see my dreams become a reality.  I am now using my creative gifts to make a more intentional contribution to my community and no longer work for a corporation.  I am happy and the future is light!”
– Jen E., San Francisco

“Thank you again for all of your help. I was pretty lost when I met you and I finally feel like I am heading on a path that I know is exactly what I want in life. I could not have done it without you.”
– April M., New York

“Kim Steffens has a unique combination of skills. She keenly and attentively listens to you with undivided attention, and she really honors and respects your own individual belief system, whether it be a particular spiritual tradition, or something of your own that has no formal label. Her biggest strength is her intuition. I work in an alternative medicine office and I frequently refer patients to Kim for a wide variety of life-challenges.”
– Monica Legatt, M.Ac., Seattle
Downtown Seattle Acupuncture

“I went to Kimberly when I began dying of a fatal illness. I do not credit her with my survival. But I do credit her for enabling me to survive the shock of survival; for empowering me to move from a state of victimhood to one of becoming. She taught me how to turn self-compassion into compassion for others. She taught me far more than that. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, whatever your desires, I cannot recommend Kimberly highly enough.”
Robert Ellis Gordon, Seattle

“Kim not only inspires but empowers her clients. Her commitment to her clients, coupled with strong listening skills, insights, and direction, makes Kim different from others in her field. She helps clients gain clarity around their future direction while providing the needed steps to build confidence towards achieving their goals. I’ve achieved things even I didn’t think possible while working with Kim. I can’t recommend her enough.”
– Tricia T., Seattle
author of
Ten Simple Tools for No Regrets Parenting

“Simply put Kim’s work is amazing. She pushes through the ordinary and gets right down to helping clients unravel the stories that are blocking their potential. She sees each person as innately perfect and helps clients tap into that perfection. Every session is amazing, empowering, and full of magic. Kim has been instrumental in helping me transform and create a wonderful life.”
– Amy Goetz, Seattle
owner/maker of magic,
Barefoot Phoenix

 “I’ve always found meeting with Kim to be enormously empowering. She’s helped me break down obstacles into little steps of action that were manageable, and I’ve left with tools that I continue to use in so many areas of my life. I highly recommend Kim’s guidance – whether you need a little nudge or have big goals for change ahead.”
– Kirsten C., Los Angeles

 “Kim is a talented, compassionate, intuitive healer who is wise well beyond her years. I highly recommend spending time with her. Her blessings will bathe you and make your heart happy!”
– Lynn M., Seattle

 “Grounded, vital, and full of wonder; Kim can see and communicate with clarity and inspiration.”
– Christine Dee, PhD, Seattle